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Message from the Principal

Often the school day at G.W. Graham Secondary starts and ends with athletics. Many students get up early and start their morning workout or shoot hoops at 6:00 a.m. Quickly, the gym, weight room, and fields are active with student athletes training, having fun, and playing games throughout the day. Late at night the custodial team comes in to clean up while the fans and athletes file out from another exciting game in the Grizzly Den. Athletics is one of the many vibrant fabrics of G.W. Graham Secondary that weaves its way through all members of our school community.

There is a place for everybody in G.W. Graham athletics. The very diverse offering of sports enables students to find their place on a variety of individual and team sports. The comradery is contagious. Students support each other and develop lasting friendships through training and practicing together. They also embrace cheering each other on at games. Many athletes take their training to a very high level and push themselves to be the best they can be. We are extremely proud of our numerous top athletes who graduate with post-secondary scholarships in various sports. Whether you push yourself to make the team or raise your talent to an elite level, there is a place for all athletes. I encourage students to join a team and embrace the Grizzly experience.

The G.W. Graham staff are extremely dedicated to the school athletics program. The P.E. department drives athletics by coaching, officiating, and organizing tournaments. Their enthusiasm permeates to the rest of our staff and pulls other departments together to coach or cheer on at games. G.W. Graham Athletics is a pride for our entire staff that brings us together in a positive manner. Former staff members often return to watch games or follow a championship run. Once a Grizzly always a Grizzly!

Families come together through our Athletics program. Our parents are the best for stepping up to drive throughout B.C., help out at tournaments, or simply cheer on at games. Younger siblings have built lasting friendships in the gym by cheering on their siblings’ games or playing together during breaks in the games. No matter how old or how young, there seems to be a magic about athletics at G.W. Graham that makes people smile and embrace the energy.

Come join us at Townsend Park for Football on Friday nights; soccer, rugby or field hockey on our fields; basketball or volleyball in our gym; or wherever else our athletics events take you. Bring your family and friends to feel the energy and excitement at G.W. Graham Athletics.

Welcome to the family!


Mr. Lawson