Graham Athletics Announcement Re: Summer Facility usage and fall back to play protocols

Graham Athletics Announcement

Re: Summer Facility usage and fall back to play protocols

Hello GW Graham Families,

We want to take this opportunity to touch base with everyone as we head into the summer.  We received clarification yesterday that all school district #33 schools and gyms will be completely closed down between July 10th to August 14th. This means all school district sites will be closed to all coaches and athletes for all school sports and teams.  The school district is hopeful that athletes and coaches can begin training during the last two weeks of the summer in an attempt to prepare for the fall high school season of play.  However, BC school sports in conjunction with Dr. Bonnie Henry (Provincial Government) will provide additional information throughout the summer and clearly outline the back to play protocols for high school athletics in the fall. We are hopeful that we can reach a safe and healthy place where all of our student athletes are back training and competing in September.  Please feel free to contact myself directly by email, text or phone in the coming weeks and months regarding Graham Athletics (in conjunction with the provincial government, BC school sports and school district 33) back to play protocols as they become available.

At this time we encourage student athletes to continue their individual training, and if additional training resources are required please don’t hesitate to contact myself and or your Graham coaching staff.

Thanks everyone, have a safe and healthy summer and we hope to see you all back in Blue and White competing for Graham Athletics this fall.



While we all continue to work our way out of the Covid-19 fog and we continue to adapt and adjust our annual traditions, it is with great Pride and a little sadness that we recognize our Student Athlete of the year finalists and winners, and celebrate our year in sport through our annual slide show!

It was another amazing year in Graham Athletics, with new success, new lessons learned, and for the first time in school History a new Senior Varsity Boys AAA Provincial Championship!!!

Once again Pride, Passion, Spirit and most importantly, our sense of Family burst through in every season we had this year!! While we didnt get the opportunity to come together and celebrate our year, we hope our annual Graham Athletics Slide show allows everyone to take a minute and be grateful for every opportunity we had this year.


I would like to congrulate all of our Athlete of the year finalists and winners for the 2009-2010 athletic season.

2019-2020 Athlete of the year Finalists

Junior Varsity Girls


Chloe Dades – Grade 9

Jordan Polesello – Grade 9

Sofia Heinrich – Grade 9

Rida Khan – Grade 9

Aliza Hertzog – Grade 9

Anika Janzen – Grade 10

Paitra Hall – Grade 10

Julia Tuchscherer – Grade 10

Winner(s): Julia Tuchscherer


Junior Varsity Boys


Braeden Macdonald – Grade 9

Aiden Henderson – Grade  9

Taylor Adams – Grade 9

Mackenzie Lascelle – Grade 9

Jared Hall – Grade 10

Brody Janzen – Grade 10

Bardia Shokhui – Grade 10

Josh Caverly – Grade 10

Winner(s): Jared Hall and Josh Caverly


Senior Varsity Girls


Kennedy Hall – Grade 11

Mackenzie Campbell 12

Megan Owens – Grade 12

Sydney Owens – Grade 12

Winner(s) Megan Owens and Sydney Owens


Senior Varsity Boys


Clay Kurtz – Grade 11

Aidan Buchanan – Grade 11

Zack Klim – Grade 12

Matthias Klim – Grade 12

Cairo Almarez – Grade 12

Jaiden Claassen – Grade 12

Jude Hall – Grade 12

Winner(s): Jaiden Claassen

As we head into the summer we remain cautiously optimistic that we will see the relaunch of BC Highschool sports.  During the summer weeks please continue to check in on the website, and with our other forms of social media for updates and fall athletics info.

Have a safe and healthy summer everyone!!!


GW Graham Athletics response to COVID-19

To: All GW Graham Families

Subject: GW Graham Athletics response to COVID-19

Due to health concerns surrounding the spread of COVID-19, GW Graham Athletics has elected to suspend all Athletics activities.  Most sport governing bodies have shut down all activities at this point until April 15th,  when they will reevaluate the situation.  We will provide additional info following the end of spring break, at which time we will reassess health advisories and safety concerns. BC school sports looks to do the same.  Please see BC school Sports link to their statement below.

BC high school sports will continue to monitor the latest from Canadian Health Authorities and provide updates as needed.


Jake Mouritzen

Athletic Director

GW Graham Secondary School

School Phone: 604-847-0772

Cell: 604-702-8734


Make sure to continue to check our website and Graham athletics social media for fall start-up information for the following teams:

1. Junior and senior girls field hockey

2. Junior and senior boys soccer

3. Cross country

4. Grade 9, junior varsity and senior varsity girls volleyball.

5. Junior varsity boys volleyball.

6 junior and senior varsity boys basketball

7. Junior and senior varsity girls basketball.

8. Junior and senior varsity football fall camp continues to run Monday to Thursday this week from 4:00 to 6:30.

Please note: if your son or daughter is still interested in joining one of the football teams please contact athletic director Jake Mouritzen: or cell: 604-702-8734.

Cross country results from Twin Rinks race #1

Twin Rinks Season Opener Thursday September 20, 2018

Grade 6/7 Boys 3.2km

1. Billy Hunter Highroad 12.05

2. Will VanSchagen VMS 13.20

3. Kennen Gillingham VMS 13.29

4. Miles Graham Unity Christian 13.34

5. Luke Gibbons Unity Christian 14.23

6. Matteo Causton Highroad 14.40

7. Vincent deVisser Unity 15.04

8. James Deraadt Unity 15.06

9. Michael Blaire VMS 15.12

10. Casey Schierling Unity 15.17

11. Carter Holek VMS 15.19

12. Yalin Yilmaz MSMS 15.23

13. Xander Mackie Highroad 16.03

14. Fraser Gidney MSMS 16.05

15. Iain Roberts VMS 16.15

16. Lane Maarhuis Highroad 16.35

17. Aidan Bakker Unity 18.12

18. Maleky Colgin Highroad 18.21

19. Konner Barkowski MSMS 18.38

20. Toa Wolff VMS 19.37

21. Seth Atkins MSMS 20.02

22. Damien Hurd Heritage Park 20.32

23. Cooper Visser RTCS 20.48

24. Jade Brunner MSMS 20.49

GRADE 6/7 GIRLS 3.2km

1. Paige Colby MSMS 12.23

2. Rhianna Macdonald MSMS 13.25

3. Aryak Bennett RTCS 13.32

4. Nicole Folka RTCS 14.19

5. Ashlyn Adams MSMS 14.22

6. Phoenix Krys VMS 14.37

7. Carmen Folka RTCS 14.58

8. Makaila Schnidler VMS 16.02

9. Ranen Wiebe VMS 16.04

10. Kyra Wallis VMS 16.34

11. Kaelen Boer Highroad 18.32

12. Vanessa Fairborn VMS 18.51

13. Rennee Yeug ADR 21.33

Grade 8 & JUNIOR BOYS 4.2km

1. Connor Crevier SSS 15.58

2. Nathaniel Leroux VMS 15.59

3. Khauner Fast GWG 16.03

4. Greg deRaadt Unity 16.11

5. Felix Neszvecsko SSS 16.11

6. Elion Grimard Highroad 16.41

7. Bryce Davies CSS 17.21

8. Cooper Leong SSS 17.23

9. Ryan Shea VMS 17.24

10. Peter Rupp CSS 17.47

11. Quinn Goosen Highroad 17.48

12. Jasper Shea VMS 19.00

13. Brad Prachnau Yale 19.20

14. Darien Krys GWG 19.53

15. Markus Simpson Yale 19.59

16. Connor Duncan MSMS 20.07

17. Anthony Greening CSS 21.28

18. Sean Marr ADR 21.37

19. Michael Chand Unity 21.49

20. Graham Pedrosa Highroad 22.58

21. Joshua Kerdachi Highroad 23.24

22. Riley Marr ADR 23.42

23. Eugene Ta Rick Hansen 24.00

24. Matthew Coard Yale 25.15

25. Caleb Weimer GWG 26.09

26. Lukus Carmona Heritage Park 26.34

Grade 8 & JUNIOR GIRLS 4.2 km

1. Christina Peet CSS 16.03

2. Sophia Klassen VMS 18.44

3. Taylor Colby GWG 19.30

4. Marley Allanson VMS 19.31

5. Julia Price Rick Hansen 20.13

6. Dania Klassen SSS 20.39

7. Taegan Factor CSS 21.05

8. Jayden White Yale 21.33

9. Anna Stewart Highroad 22.06

10. Olivia Reitsma WJM 22.30

11. Malin Rloicke GWG 23.16

12. Tabea Power GWG 24.07

13. Asia Mazeree VMS 24.41

14. Claire Pickney VMS 25.15

15. Karol MacLeod WJM 26.40

16. Gurleen Braich WJM NT



1. Logan MacDonald Sardis 19.26

2. Amardeep Mann Yale 19.40

3. Galeb Graham Unity 19.41

4. Riccardo Consolaro GWG 21.03

5. Brandt Davies CSS 21.12

6. Reagan Schmid Yale 21.28

7. Mark Granberg Rick Hansen 21.48

8. Kieran McRae CSS 22.13

9. Travis Prachnau Yale 23.33

10. Lucas Fawcett SSS 23.44

11. Riccardo Pajno CSS 23.56

12. Russel Gilroy Yale 24.15

13. Jarid Ward CSS 25.20

14. Michael Nahanee CSS 27.04

15. Tyson Bennett CSS 27.50

16. Arsh Sharda Rick Hansen 29.24


1. Andrena Johnson SSS 23.03

2. Mackenzie Campbell GWG 26.00

Megan Owens GWG 26.00

3. Louisa-Marie Jochimski CSS 27.24

4. Thais Andreoli WJM 29.32

5. Megan Petty CSS 29.39

6. Melma Tibbits Highroad 31.41

7. Jasleen Dhaliwal WJM 34.48


Check out all the athletics teams that start up this week…DONT MISS OUT…Become a Grizzlies Student Athlete today. Report to the PE office if you have any additional questions.  ALL FALL TEAMS START UP THIS WEEK!!!


Contact Athletic Director Mouritzen if you have specific questions about any Fall Program: