“If you are going to be a bear, Be a Grizzly!” – Mahatma Gandhi

At G.W. Graham Secondary School we want all students, staff, and families to being out their inner Grizzly in our athletics program. We are all members of G.W. Graham Grizzlies Athletics! From the athlete who trains early morning in the gym to the fan who comes out to cheer in the gym, we are Grizzlies! Feel the growl and embrace the energy of athletics at G.W. Graham.

I encourage all students to find a sport and join a team. There are a wide variety of sports with opportunities for all students to find their place in the program. Some sports require a significant commitment and dedication that yields a foundation for long lasting friendships and memories. Other sports require less commitment, but still provide many opportunities for students to connect with others. Find a passion and join Grizzly Athletics!

Parents and friends are encouraged to come out and cheer on the talented G.W. Graham athletes. We are very fortunate to have a strong history that has attracted some very talented athletes to our school. The action and entertainment in our school sports is second to none. Our grade 9 and 10 students are at the early stages of competing at a higher level and they feed off the commitment of our senior students. Our seniors take athletics to an entirely different level that results in some of the most exciting sporting events in our entire community. Several of our senior athletes are so talented that they are offered post-secondary school scholarships to continue their athletic careers. Come out and cheer on our athletes at all levels.

Thanks to our coaches for all the hours that go into making G.W. Graham Athletics such an amazing program. Our coaches bring their passion and talents to all sports and work to improve the skills of our students, but most importantly, they build the character of our athletes.

Bring out your inner Grizzly and experience G.W. Graham Athletics!


Principal Lawson